podcasting in education

January 29th, 2008

I kinda had my mind set on podcasting before coming to todays classmeeting. That was my fist thought when I found out we would work on projects and I came across an article in the library later that week, that talked about using podcasts in the Foreign Language classroom. I think it is a brilliant idea, because students can be exposed to native speakers or are encouraged to practice their pronunciation and language skills before recording their own podcast.
I keep finding more and more information online as you can see in my del.iscio.us and if anyone is interested in joining my project, just contact me.
I felt class discussion was quite difficult today, people either didn’t have many ideas or didn’t feel confident enough to share them. Also it seemed as if some people already had found their groups and projects and didn’t want to share. Anyway, we did get some results and I’ll just list the main ideas:
skype –> project group meeting online instead of in a classroom
youtube –> comedy video (He is looking for one or two more people to join his group…)
second life –> how to make money with it
art in multimedia and advertising –>create some thing
improv everywhere –> something like it in UMW
performance –> live performance on facebook
–> interacting with the medium and the audience
–> streaming in both directions
alice –> programming tool
e-commerce –> ebay
something with facebook?
well and podcasting as a use in the classroom as mentioned above