Maxine’s fear

April 1st, 2008

Great discussion today, and there is soo much more in this story.

Being laughed at. Bishop describes Maxine’s fear as: “horribly afraid of being laughed at.” He had the same fear, at the beginning. That’s why he never wrote the truth back. It took him a while to see the children as children and don’t feel offended by their laughter at him. Stop worrying about what other people think. Live. Learn.

Maxine to me seems drained. She has realized that posessions won’t make her happy. she could have three moons if she wanted to, but that wouldn’t help her. She misses earth and creates her environment as much like it as possible. She talked about how she was moved up to a higher level. Her thoughts about suicide helped her reach another level. She didn’t think about suicide in order to reach that level though. She thought about suicide because she felt lonely, scared, depressed,… She said she fused and that’s how she figured out how to move herself. To us that sounds as if she has gone insane. She cracked. The Kimonians can do that all the time. They aren’t observed as insane though. Why is it that she doing the same thing is seen totally differently?

I find it strange, that Bishop is giving her advice, telling her she has to be “a wise guy” when he himself hasn’t figured things out yet.