Personal Dynamic Media

February 18th, 2008

Well, I am a little behind on blogging, because I was quite knocked out by a nasty cold, but I am back on my feet, and I’ll catch up on blogging on the old readings soon.

While reading the text on Personal Dynamic Media, my thoughts at first were, this is utopic, then I was surprised about how much of it was realized already and even brought to more perfection than they had invisioned it. But the very last bit of the reading made me think again, how unreachable the ideas are. And then I thought without those high goals or dreams we wouldn’t have what we have today. And if they were able to realize so many of their dreams already and even children were able to produce amazing programs, than it is right to dream big. And only by playing around with the media, trying to achieve the goals are we going to proceed to the next stages.

The sizes for personal computers are getting smaller and smaller, the power is getting bigger and bigger, so we are moving in exactly the direction these two authors envisioned we would. I find this amazing, it is almost as reading a science fiction novel!